Quote Confirmed

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We’ll collect your car and you’ll get £. We’ll issue payment and paperwork to at , , . (change).

The price is based on the details you provided, a copy of which is available on the confirmation page, in line with our terms and conditions.

Collection & Payment

  • We'll be in touch to confirm a collection date and time within the next few hours.
  • Once the vehicle has been checked and collected, payment will be made.
  • Payments are usually processed within 24 to 48 hours of collection

Important Information

You’ll need to have a few things ready:

  • Your identification
  • Your keys (including any locking wheel nuts or electronic keys and security codes)
  • Your documents (registration cert, service history, MOT certificate and manuals)
  • and finally, don’t forget to remove any personal belongings and rubbish

On the day of collection:

  • We check that your car matches your quote
  • We check and take a copy of your identification
  • We’ll take care of the DVLA paperwork
  • We’ll process your payment